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algate works to develop individuals, organisations and communities

Developing Individuals


algate supports clients as they develop ideas, direction and new ways of working. This includes:

- Mentoring and Supervision

- Career Planning

- Assessor Training

- Trainer Training

- Problem Solving Training

- First-line Management Training

- Communications Skills Training

- Conflict Management

› We work to develop individuals in the following ways...

Developing Organisations


algate personnel understand how organisations work. We work with you to tailor a unique approach to your organisation needs, and design and implement solutions that bring tangible results. The type of work we do with organisations includes:

- Change Management

- Recruitment and Selection

- Systems Development

- Needs Analysis and Training

- Group and Meeting facilitation

- Project Management

- Consultation

- Team Development

- Union Development

We work to develop organisations in the following ways...

Developing Communities


algate personnel know how to work with communities. We listen to a full range of views, and welcome diversity of opinion. algate has a long track record of working with community focused agencies, local government and NGOs, and in areas such as the arts, recreation, planning, and social support. Services we provide include:

- Community Consultation

- Meeting and Group Facilitation

- Strategic and Business Planning

- Communities of Practice


We work to develop communities in the following ways...