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“I know what the concerns are from both points of view and am experienced at group process. I know how to structure events so that they take account of different interests, avoid conflict and are a positive experience for both parties.”

developing organisations

algate personnel understand how organisations work. We work with you to tailor a unique approach to your organisation needs, and design and implement solutions that bring tangible results.

Change Management

Change is the one constant. For an organisation to evolve it is important to manage the process consistently. People adjust better to change if they have participated in the process. Algate can work with your organisation to develop and implement programmes that achieve this.


Recruitment and Selection

Most organisations recruit and select new staff by interview, but this is one of the least reliable methods. algate's process incorporates role-testing, on the basis that demonstration of performance is the most reliable indicator for suitability of a new staff member.


Systems Development

algate can work with you to review and develop systems appropriate for your outcomes, your resources, your stakeholders and your clients.


Needs Analysis and Training

Need can be determined by examining the difference between expected performance and actual performance. Needs analysis can be conducted at different levels (organisational, occupational, position, individual, task) and can distinguish between diverse needs, which can then be addressed through training and/or management.


Group and Meeting Facilitation

algate encourages participation in meetings and group processes to achieve tasks, maintain group cohesion and focus, attend to group dynamics and ease information flow.


Project Management

algate can oversee and co-ordinate all parties involved in achieving a specified result.



As consultants algate can ask probing questions and provide an outsider’s perspective on your organisation.


Team Development

A team can be described as a defined group of people who are required to work together to achieve a common goal. algate uses team development to build cohesion, work co-operatively, deal with difference, go beyond the status quo, and maintain inspiration and enthusiasm.


Union Development

algate favours a partnership approach in which employers and union members work together to design, plan, implement, develop and address interests affecting employers and union members.