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“I know what the concerns are from both points of view and am experienced at group process. I know how to structure events so that they take account of different interests, avoid conflict and are a positive experience for both parties.”

developing individuals

We tailor our work to fit your organisation. We incorporate real situations that belong to your workplace in our training and services. We believe in the value and uniqueness of each client and their particular circumstances.


Mentoring and Supervision

Mentoring provides the opportunity to learn from the insight and wisdom of others more skilled or experienced in a particular field.

Supervision can free an individual’s energy by providing inspiration and developing a sense of security.


Career Planning

If a career is “a course through life”, then it should encompass all of a person’s goals. algate is proud of our track record of people realising their dreams and aspirations.


Assessor Training

We train competent, experienced staff to become in-house assessors of other staff who seek training and skill development. We train to ensure competence has actually been demonstrated.


Trainer Training

Productivity results from good training.  Typically the training process involves analysis, generating options, making reality checks, design and preparation, delivery and application, and assessment. We focus on individual elements as well as the whole training process, and work with management and in-house trainers, staff as trainers, or independent training providers.


Customer Service Training

You add value to your organisation with staff who are well presented, at ease with a diverse workplace, well versed in the product, and who communicate effectively with customers and suppliers. We will help to identify your customer service needs and develop strategies for training.


Problem Solving Training

Our process enables people to identify the problem, gather information, progress toward a desired outcome and find ways to reach a solution. Clear and common sense, this method of solving problems adapts to everyday practice.


First-line Management Training

A first-line manager gets the work done through their team. algate can work with supervisors and team leaders to help them develop the skills required – from delegation to giving feedback.


Communication Skills Training

If communication is defined as the meaning that is conveyed between people, then it can be broken down into three components - the sending of information, the receiving of it and the mechanisms by which this is carried out. algate can help ensure your intended meaning is received in the right way and gets you the results you desire.


Conflict Management

algate helps antagonists to sort out their differences. This involves identifying conflict, expressing oneself clearly, clarifying interferences, negotiating, and changing behaviours.