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Thank you for this magnificent business plan!  And for all your hard work on this.We will continue to put it all into place and we can look back on this as a watershed moment.  I've had so much positive feedback about your facilitation - every person there was impressed and pleased!

developing communities

algate personnel know how to work with communities. We approach our work to get a full range of views expressed, and embrace the challenges presented by diversity of opinion. algate has a long track record of working with community focused agencies, local government and NGOs, and in areas such as the arts, sports, recreation, planning, and social support.

Community Consultation

Community consultation involves discussion and decision-making groups that enable ideas to be generated and evaluated; an holistic and collective view of the community to be created; and a range of views to be heard and considered. This process is an effective and efficient means of getting ownership and seeking input and feedback.The composition of community consultative groups needs to reflect the community and as such forms a microcosm of that community.


Meeting and Group Facilitation

algate encourages participation in meetings and group processes to achieve tasks, maintain group cohesion and focus, attend to group dynamics and ease information flow.


Strategic and Business Planning

Setting goals and knowing your business underpins strategic planning. algate can work with you to develop strategic plans that are focused on single targets or on wider organisational development.


Communities of Practice

Communities of practice are groups of people who do similar work, usually each in their own separate context. They are distinct from work teams, which are usually made up of people who do different work but in the same context. Participation in a community of practice vitalises and extends practitioners' expertise in their speciality.