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While we anticipate a long-term working partnership with you, we aim to develop your capacity for independence.

We will take some of the onus off you so you can get on with your core business. Together we can achieve outcomes that are congruent and enduring.


Our Company

Definition: algate adv. - in any way; by any means; at any rate.

We’ll make your business our business: Inspiring your organisation to be its best.

Our Background

We are a management training and consultancy company, developing strategic, practical and creative solutions to client needs. We work collaboratively and systemically, using participation to lead groups.

The key to success, sustaining initiatives, achieving targets and moving forward, is in your resources, strategies and systems. Who creates the strategies and puts the systems in place? Your primary resource: your people.

The quality of people's working life impacts on society as a whole. This is what guides us. If we are able to foster individual potential within the wider group we will have contributed to the healing of society. This is what drives us.

Our History

Established as a registered company in 1985, algate initially provided training and development services. While this work continues, algate directors broadened their scope to offer services in research, group facilitation, management and development of individuals, organisations and communities. In 1997 algate registered as a Private Training Establishment with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority. However in recent years algate’s work has changed and we now work with organisations focussed mainly in programme and organisation development and problem solving roles. A consequence of this is that for the past few years we have not had students undertaking study for NZQA unit standards or qualifications. In June 2011 we asked NZQA to de-register Algate as a PTE and this was accepted.