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algate’s directors are sought after as consultants, trainers, advisors and organisation developers and have a well-founded reputation as trainers of trainers.  We incorporate best practice and innovation in all our products and services, including our approach to learning.

algate directors share common values and understandings about development and its purpose and meaning for individuals, business and the community. 

We understand first hand the challenges and joys of working deliberately as an organisation to extend ourselves and continually to improve and strengthen our functioning.

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Viv Thomson

Ange Wither

Ange has a passion for analysing seemingly  complex problems and working alongside clients to find practical, long standing solutions.  Over two decades working with a development focus has resulted in Ange bringing experience, networks and practical tools to her work.

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Viv Thomson

Vivienne Thomson

A founding director of algate, Viv brings considerable expertise and an exceptional talent for systemic thinking to her work.  An innovator, Viv is the originator of a career planning process, recruitment and selection process and the workshop approach to needs analysis. 

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Colin Martin

Colin Martin

As a founding director of algate and the National School of Training for Trainers, Colin has made a significant contribution to the landscape of training and development both within New Zealand and internationally.  Colin brings extensive experience in managing organisations and streamlining systems and processes.


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