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'Fishhooks in public service outsourcing' is an article by Tapu Misa in the N Z Herald, April 26 2010. Tapu Misa outlines reasons why the mantra of private enterprise doing it better than the public service is more a matter of  dogma than a matter of substance. One point she makes is the somewhat recent collapse of so many businesses that were rescued by governments around the world; she writes, "The cynical among us remember that before bailouts became fashionable in the rest of the world, we had our own taxpayer rescues: Air NZ, BNZ, TransRail". Tapu quotes Matt Tabbi, a writer in the Rolling Stone, "...organised greed always defeats disorganised democracy". In short, where is the evidence that privately run organisations are necessarily better than public organisations?




Recent reading
"The Italian Wedding" by Nicky Pellegrino. Set in Soho & Clerkenwell, London, & Rome & Ravenna in Italy, this delightful story takes us through the excitement of travel, great food, betrayal, feuding, and family function and dysfunction. Nicky puts before the reader stimulating interactions with food, the politics of a dress designer & maker's business, life in a poor Italian town, and family life that grips the readers imagination. Then there is the Italian wedding, the theme that runs through the book and faces the reader with cultural conflict. The author grew up in Merseyside, spent her childhood summers in Italy, and is now living in Auckland, NZ.


115 boats in the Bay, Anniversary Weekend, a record. No one was swimming.

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Colin Martin


Ange WitherColin entered the world of organisational development to run courses in trainer training for staff in business and government. He later became the director of the National School of Training for Trainers based at Wellington College of Education.

Colin is a founding member of Algate Enterprises Ltd and specialises in trainer training, communication skills, group process and management, and organisation development generally.

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Mostly I handle Algate's administration and look after the day to day company bits and pieces for Algate.


I enjoy some mentoring action in my fields of interest.