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Ange Wither


Ange has a passion for analysing seemingly complex problems and working alongside clients to find practical, long standing solutions. Nearly two decades working with a development focus has resulted in Ange bringing experience, networks and practical tools to her work.  Following a career as a social science researcher and as a lecturer at the National School of Training for Trainers, Ange has been an algate Director and consultant since 1995.

Current Projects

Competency frameworks

There has been some debate around the value of competencies - with the charge being that they fragment learning or dumb down the complexity required.  From my experience working with competency frameworks across a range of clients, I have come to believe that when competencies are thoughtfully constructed and used they can fully reflect the complexities within any role. A central question guides me in this work:

"what are the capability requirements of this individual, team, or organisation to achieve the business goals and outcomes?"

Competency frameworks can support a number of systems and processes across an organisation, including staff selection, needs analysis and training, career planning skills maintenance and performance review. 

Some good analysis and a bit of detective work can result in a strengthening of processes such as manager coaching and feedback, and a reduction in compliance driven activity that has limited value to the organisation or individual. 

This work can be particularly rewarding when working with clients who have been carrying heavy compliance burdens through their involvement and commitment to using NZQA registered industry qualifications.   There are ways to make the qualifications work for the business rather than vice versa!

Small Business Development


One of the joys of my work involves periodic meetings with clients running small businesses.  In addition to business planning and tune-ups, it seems most useful to really engage with the nuts and bolts of the work, and also, how working life is for the owner in what can be an isolating and pressured role.  Having someone alongside you when you make big decisions is important, as I know from my own experience of collegiality in Algate.